Investigation Services

The duties of a Private Investigator depend on the needs of the client. Private Investigators assist in preparing criminal defenses, interviewing police and prospective witnesses, and gathering and reviewing evidence.


We specialize in discreet and economical surveillance. We can blend into any situation or surrounding. Our surveillance investigations are conducted with an eye to preserving and protecting our client's identity.

Infidelity Cases

Do you suspect your spouse is cheating on you? Do you lack the proof? Englander Investigations can help in providing the necessary information.

Professional License Verification

Are you looking to verify the applicant's professional license? Is this license needed for employment? Is the license valid and free from complaints?

Locate persons

We utilize major databases and public records in order to determine the whereabouts of the interested party. Unlike data finders, we go the extra length to verify that the individuals located are actually the correct subjects of the investigation.

Criminal File Search

Does your applicant have a criminal history that would prohibit them from employment? We will verify with the courts any incidents located.

Bankruptcies, Judgments, and Tax Liens

Is your applicant experiencing financial problems that could affect your company? Are they current on their taxes? Are they being sued?


Our full array of employment screening services provide you with in-depth comprehensive information. No matter what size your organization is, we have the solution to fit your need for background check reports at a price to meet your budget.

Real Propery Searches

Looking for information as to who owns a parcel of property, assets, etc.? Is the applicant using a certain address as his residency and do they own this property?

Sex and Violent Offenders

Are you putting children or co-workers in harms way of violent or sexual offenders? You cannot predict the future, but you can prevent convicted criminals from potentially harming others by conducting thorough screenings before hiring.

Employment Verification

Verify previous employment. Not verifying previous employment may be one of the costliest mistakes you as an employer can make. It is important to verify employment dates and position in a company.

Voice Stress Analysis Exams

Being able to determine the truth is a valuable asset for Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, various other companies and Criminal Investigations. The Voice Stress examinations are used as a tool and is considered very beneficial when conducting backgrounds. There is no such thing as a lie detector. However, there is such a thing as the art and science of the detection of deception.

Counter Surveillance Measures

Englander Investigations Countermeasures ensures our staff is ready to respond to your needs for” Bug” screening services. Our technicians will be able to sweep your offices, residence, meeting rooms and facilities to check for electronic listening and recording devices to ensure your privacy is protected.

Have you ever been concerned that you are being watched or that your conversations are being eavesdropped upon? Englander Investigations can help put your mind at rest by sweeping your office, conference rooms, vehicle, residence, or other areas for electronic devices used for Counter Surveillance. Safeguard your personal privacy as well as insuring the privacy of a meeting or an important conversation.

Corporate checks should be considered when moving to a new facility, when there are changes in management, IT personnel, or new ownership. Our bug sweeps can reduce your risk of exposure.

Bug Sweeps

Englander Investigations is capable of bug sweeps for the following locations:

  • Business meetings
  • Offices
  • Vacation rentals
  • Residential
  • Vehicles

Searching Devices

Englander Investigations is capable of searching for the following devices:

  • Wireless Cameras
  • Digital Audio Recorders
  • GPS trackers
  • Various intrusive devices that operate across Bluetooth, cellular and mobile frequencies.

We offer both on-site as well as off-site Bug Sweeps. Our office can provide a one-time bug sweep of your facility or we can offer service contracts that will include periodic sweeps throughout the year,

Threats are becoming more common in today’s workplace. Be protected and call Englander Investigations.

About Englander Investigations

Why Use a Private Investigator?

Private Investigators offer many services, including executive, corporate, and celebrity protection; pre-employment verification; and individual background profiles. They also provide assistance in civil liability and personal injury cases, insurance claims and fraud, missing persons, industrial and civil work, child custody and protection cases, under cover work and process serving.

Private Investigators use many means to determine the facts in a variety of matters. To carry out investigations, they may use various types of surveillance or searches. Private Investigators assist attorneys, businesses, and the public with a variety of legal, financial, and personal problems.

What Are The Duties Of A P.I.?

The duties of the Private Investigator depend on the needs of their client. Investigators assist in preparing criminal defenses, locating witnesses, serving legal documents, interviewing police and prospective witnesses, and gathering and reviewing evidence. Investigators may also collect information on the parties to the litigation, take photographs, testify in court, and assemble evidence and reports for trials.

Who is Mark Englander

Mark Englander, the principal of Englander Investigations is a retired Detective from the Sheriff’s Department, with 30 years of investigative experience. He brings his knowledge and skills to the private sector.
His affiliated agents have been carefully selected to ensure the services you require are met by the best available in California and throughout the United States.


California Background Investigators Association - (CBIA)


Live Scan

Accu-Prints is our Live Scan company which operates at our office Monday through Friday. We offer our Live Scan service to the general public as well as our many contracted clients.
We also offer mobile Live Scan services throughout the State of California for groups of applicants.
Our clientele includes: State and Government Accounts, Park and Rec Departments, School Districts, Major Universities, and numerous RN, LVN, CNA, EMT, and Paramedic Programs.

  • Live Scan Hours

    • Monday: 9 AM – 12 PM,   1 PM – 5 PM
    • Tuesday: 9 AM – 12 PM,   2 PM – 6 PM
    • Wednesday: 9 AM – 12 PM,   1 PM – 5 PM
    • Thursday: 9 AM – 12 PM,   2 PM – 5 PM
    • Friday: 9 AM – 12 PM,   1 PM – 4 PM

    We will take our last appointment 15 minutes prior to closing.

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